What is Australian Lifeskills College?

Australian LifeSkills College (ALC) is a professional training centre for educational advancement of individuals and organizational development.
This commitment is reflected through its vital role as:

Education Consultants

ALC provides admission, counselling and visa application assistance to students keen in studying in our following partner schools.

Australian Quality Training Consultants http://www.aqtc.net.au/

Seminar Organizers

ALC provide the most cutting edge speakers, trainers and events to educate people nationally and internationally with the latest advances in personal and professional development.

Our worldwide elite team of seminar speakers are experts in their own field. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see these speakers in person, you know how they hold an audience spellbound.

Seminars are all about developing new skills and adding value to your work and your life. Our seminar will ensure that you’re not only learning conveniently and affordably but you’re a major part of the learning.

We can customize seminars to fit your organization’s needs. This could be presented to your group at a time and venue that is convenient to you.


Australian Cultural & Workplace Training

ALC provides highly successful employment skills training to migrants and international students.

Students enroll in an intensive 5 days program that prepares them for employment in Australia. This program includes:

  • Australian Culture in the Workplace
  • Learning about curriculum vitae, application letters & selection criteria
  • Understanding the Employment Market
  • Interview Skills
  • Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety
  • Networking
The program encourages migrants and students to actively become involved in their new cultural surroundings. It does this through an understanding of the Australian cultural mix and providing opportunities for interaction.

Tutorial Service

We specialize in individual and small group teaching for all academic subjects.

Homestay and Accommodation

Our Homestay program offers international students the opportunity to live with Australian families whilst studying in Brisbane, Australia.

Study Tours

Our study tours provide a unique experience for international students to learn about Australia’s culture by living with a local family and through studying English or executive training programs in Australian colleges and universities.

Migration Service

Our registered migration agents can assist on student, skills professional, business and family migration visa applications.

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